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“New WP Plugin Drives Positive Reviews that Increase Traffic, Leads & Sales for any Local Business in Just a Few Clicks…”

…and you can easily charge clients $500-$100 a month for this service!

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Increases Positive Reviews for Any Business

Helps Keep Negative Ratings off Major Review Sites

Improves Local Search Engine Rankings & Ogranic Traffic

Increases Clicks, leads and Sales for Local Business Sites
“In 2018 and Beyond, Consumer Reviews and Ratings are CRITICAL to Your Clients Success both Online AND Offline…”
Just check out some of these stats from a recent Local Consumer Review Survey…

reviews stats 1

As you can see the vast majority of consumers are more likely to visit a local business that has positive reviews and plenty of them while 40% will avoid a business entirely if it has bad reviews.

This is a HUGE Problem for local businesses that lack positive reviews or have tons of negative ones…they are literally losing out on thousands of potential which is a massive pain point to key in on.

more reviews

And as you can see here it’s not just about positive or negative reviews but consumers also pay make decisions based on clients star ratings, number of reviews, recency and whether or not the business responds.

The bottom line is if your client doesn’t have as many positive reviews and high of star rating as possible they are simply losing traffic, leads and sales that they could be getting.

That provides YOU the perfect opportunity to step in and help them…

“Being able to Consistently Drive Positive Reviews, Star Ratings and Local Rankings will Keep Clients Paying Recurring Monthly Fees for years to come…”
Neil Macpherson here on behalf of myself and my partner Robert Dickson…

We’ll be the first ones to admit it wasn’t always this easy to drive tons of buyer positive reviews, ratings and rankings for our clients.

Both Robert and I started from scratch with nothing more than some basic knowledge and ambition just like you.

Neil Macpherson

Robert Dickson

Robert and I met at a marketing conferences a little over five years ago and immediately hit it off when we realized our marketing careers were very similar.

I started my business from my grandmothers kitchen table and Robert started his from his parents basement with nothing more than some basic IM knowledge.

In the beginning we both struggled with the same problems, had the realizations and similar successes as we made adjustments. These days we run an online marketing agency and software business together.

At first we started out just like so many marketers do by chasing down clients just trying to sell them anything we could to pay the bills.

It wasn’t long before realized that not only was there a better way to land new clients (coming to you, ready to buy) but selling one-off services was a hamster wheel we never wanted to be on.

It wasn’t until we started focusing on getting clients into recurring monthly packages that everything became MUCH easier in our lives and businesses.

When clients are coming to you looking to buy there is almost no selling involved and as a good friend once told me…with recurring income you never start your month at zero.

“The Key to Building Consistent Recurring Income is Actually Driving Your Clients New Leads the Turn into Real Business and a Positive ROI…”

Once we realized the most important thing we could be doing was building recurring income we began to focus on bringing in clients that we could close on monthly marketing services.

What we realized over time was the number one thing that would keep businesses paying us for years to come was actually getting them new customers…crazy concept I know.

The truth is businesses don’t care about Facebook, Google, Instragram, Twitter or any of that crap…

They simply want more customers so they can make more money. If you can deliver that…they will happily keep paying you for years to come.

The best part is with so many other marketers out there trying to shove services down local businesses throats it’s easy to stand out by simply delivering value and building trust.

When you focus on delivering value first, such as selling them a great website, it becomes easy to close deals for monthly marketing packages designed to get them new customers.

So how do you actually go about driving local clients new customers?

Well, over the years we’ve tried a lot of different traffic sources, funnels and so forth but without a doubt one has stood above the rest for years now..

“The Absolute Best Way to Drive Your Clients Leads that Turn into Customers is By Getting them Ranked in Google Search and Google Maps…”

When we offer recurring services to local clients the goal is to get them the results they are looking for (new customers) using the methods that are most profitable for us as well.

That’s why Local SEO is hands down the best service to offer because it’s extremely effective (solves customers problems in real time) and highly profitable as a recurring service.

In the beginning we would just offer SEO services, drive customers new leads and everything was rolling right along just fine.

However these days things have changed and reviews have become a huge part of how both consumers and Google view a business.

As you saw in the stats above the majority of consumers read reviews and make their decisions about a business based on the those reviews. Not only that but Google actually factors reviews as about 10% of their ranking algorithim!

That’s why clients with negative reviews became a major issue before we knew it…

“The Problem was Getting Clients who Have Bad Reviews and Poor Ratings High Rankings and More Traffic was Extremely Difficult…”

Not only has it become increasingly hard to get clients ranked who have bad reviews but even when we are able to they still weren’t getting the kind of traffic you would expect because of their ratings.

Just check out the massive difference in click through rate based on ratings…


As you can see the click through rate for a business with a five star rating almost double that of a business with a 1-2 star rating! Heck even a Zero Star rating gets more clicks then the ones with bad reviews/ratings!

This is a HUGE Problem when trying to drive more leads and new customers for our clients. It really just comes down to the basic math behind any online conversions…

More clicks = More leads = More Customers= Better ROI for the Client

Less Clicks = Less Leads= Less Customers= Worse ROI for the Client

Once we realized how much our clients negative reviews we’re affecting their ROI we immediately started looking for solutions help them improve their reviews and rating so they would keep paying us!

What we figured out wasn’t rocket science at all, in fact the math on that is pretty simple as well..

More Positive Reviews = Higher Star Rating = More Clicks = More Leads = Positive ROI for the Client

Make sense?

The best way to drive up your clients rankings is to simply keep the bad reviews away from Google, FB and yelp while driving as many new positive reviews as possible. 

Sounds simple but there is one little problem…

“Actually Getting Your Clients New Positive Reviews that Will Increase their Ratings, Rankings and Overall Traffic can be a Huge Hassle…”

While many reputation management companies offer different services to improve their clients online reputation such as pushing down negative reviews or monitoring media outlets it really comes down to simply getting more positive reviews.

There are many strategies you can use to drive new reviews and in fact we use a combination of several methods but they all came up a little short for one simple reason…

They rely on the business to actually do the leg work! You see up until now the best way to get a review is to post signs in the business and most importantly have employees ask customers to leave a review on the spot.

While this strategy works great in some instances it struggles in others because it relies on human error that’s outside of your control.

That’s when we decided we needed something that would capture their customers in real time, automatically without relying on the business or employees to do what we need them to.

“That’s why we Created a Solution that Drives Positive Reviews, Increases Star Ratings and Search Rankings for Any Local Business in Just a few Clicks…”

What we realized is while we couldn’t be there in person to ensure the business was getting the most out it’s foot traffic we could be there to capture the attention of every person that visited their website!

That’s why we created this new WordPress plugin that drives positive reviews from existing web traffic AND keeps the bad reviews off the web!

What this plug allows you do is create an “exit pop” that shows up when/how you choose and encourages the user to leave a review/star rating based on their experience with the business.

When then user leaves a positive review they are prompted to immediately leave that review on Google, Facebook, Yelp or any review site you choose!

If the user leaves a bad review they are directed to a different location that attempts to recover them as a customer and/or rectify the bad service they feel the received, like with a free gift.

The best part is you can have this plugin up and running in just a few clicks then simply set it, forget it, watch the reviews roll in, the ratings change and the rankings sky rocket!

Can you imagine how easy it would be to land $500-$1000 month reputation management clients if you knew you could consistently drive them new reviews on autopilot?

Well now it’s completely possible…


WP Review Machine is a brand new WP Plugin that drives postive reviews for any business to Facebook, Google, Yelp or any review site you choose! It also negates bad reviews while improving local search rankings in the process. Not only that but it’s super simple to have up and running in minutes. Easily charge local clients $500-$1,000 a month for this service!
Powerful Plugin Improves Your Clients Reputation with just Minutes of Work!

Leverage exit-pop overlay technology to capture website visitors reviews before the leave the site with complete control over when and how the popup appears from the options panel.

Drive positive reviews (based on the star rating you choose) that increase your clients online reputation and overall rankings to Google, Facebook, Yelp or any review site you like!

Keep your clients negative reviews off the web by directing those website visitors to an alternate location with a different message making them less likely to damage the clients reputation online.

Easily display positive reviews to increase social proof and overall conversions anywhere on the clients website using a simple short code.

Get email notifications and manage all reviews from your dashboard while controlling which reviews are approved to be shown anywhere you have chosen to display them on the clients site.

Includes pre-designed landing pages with professional copy where you can send users depending on their bad, neutral or good star ratings which you can easily control from the dashboard.

Everything that is included When You Buy Today…
WP Review Machine

During the Launch Period You Get Access to the WP Review Machine Plugin for a significant discount. You’ll be able to use it with full functionality right out of the box.


With this Special Offer you also get UNLIMITED Sites which means you can use WP Review Machine on as many sites as you like with no restrictions! Even install it on as many clients sites as you like!

In Depth Training Videos and PDF

To help you hit the ground running we’ve created in depth training videos on using the plugin and the method overall. You also get a paint by numbers PDF Instruction Manual.

100% Support for a Full Year

With WP Review Machine you get a full year of plugin support meaning you will get updates at no additional cost. We also have a very active and responsive support desk if you need help using the plugin.

We’ve included everything you need to fully understand and implement his method within minutes of getting access. We explain exactly how to maximize your efforts with comprehensive training on the method and the using the plugin. You also get a full year of plugin and customer support!

The best part is you can use WP Review Machine on UNLIMITED SITES meaning you can make a one time payment and profit over and over from this method! Plus you can easily have clients paying you $500- $1,000 for this service!

Get access now during the special launch period and you’ll be able to start driving your clients more leads, traffic and sales for just minutes of work.

Get Instant Access to the WP Review Machine Unlimited Site License for just…

Limited Time Only

Plus We’ve Included Some Killer Bonuses To Give you a Massive Advantage…

We aren’t just going to hand you the WP Review Machine and send you on your way. We’ve included several bonuses to help you land clients and deliver reputation management services.

In addition to giving you this powerful plugin we are also going to give you everything you need to be successful selling rep management….

Bonus #1 – Rep Management Video Training ($97 Value)
In this 7-Video Training Series you’ll learn several proven methods for increasing your clients positive reviews with minimal effort on your part.
You’ll also learn where to find potential clients that can use this service and how to get in front of them without any cheesy sales tactics.
Not only that but you’ll learn how to close rep management deals with ease while leading those clients to your other monthly marketing services.
Bonus #2 – Rep Management Checklist ($47 value)

While each industry varies to some extent there are several key steps you want to follow when working to improve your clients online reputation.

This checklist will give you an easy to follow blueprint that you can use to make sure you are doing everything you can to improve your clients ratings online.

Bonus #3 – Rep Management Proposal Template ($97 Value)

One of the hardest parts of closing the deal is putting together a high quality proposal that you can send over to “soft close” your prospects.

With this exclusive bonus we’ve got you covered! You’ll get the exact proposal template that we use to close deals in our business. Plus you get exclusive training on how to use this template to create winning proposals every time!

Bonus #4 – DFY Review Resources ($47 Value)
One of the key methods to driving positive reviews for your clients is getting customers who actually visit the business to jump online right then and there.
These resources are designed for you to quickly customize for any business and then give to your clients as part of your reputation management strategy.

review us
And Now for the Icing on the Cake We’ve Included TWO More Bonuses you are going to love…

On top of all the resources you need to effectively land clients and deliver reputation management services we included a couple more bonuses for you.

You’re also going to get access to our private mastermind group and an exclusive live training to show you exactly how to get clients coming to you looking to buy high ticket services.

Bonus #5 – Digital Client Mastermind ($97 Value)

In addition to giving you all the training, tools and support you need to make this work we are also giving you access to our Mastermind Group.

In this group you’ll find like minded marketers that are also taking on clients just like you. Get feedback, listen to others success stories or connect with others in the group!

fb group

Bonus #6 – Live Lead Gen Workshop ($97 Value)

During this Exclusive Training Webinar we are going to show how to get clients coming to you ready to buy recurring  high ticket monthly services while keeping them paying you for years to come.

You’ll learn our core lead generation methods that get clients coming to you and how to deliver real value to them by actually bringing in new customers using Rep Management, FB, Adwords, Remarketing and call tracking services.

With everything we’ve included here today, you’ll be ready to start driving postive reviews to your clients using WP Review Machine. Whether you are looking for something to take your clients SEO to the next level or something you can simply sell as a straight up service for $500-$1,000 a month, WP Review Machine  can help you do that.

It doesn’t stop there though. With the all of the bonuses we are including during this special launch you’ll have everything you need to land new clients and effectively deliver reputation management services.

You are getting our complete video training series showing you where to find clients, how to get in front of them, close the deal and deliver the services using four main methods.

Plus you also get all the resources that you need including checklists, proposal template, DFY review resources, mastermind group and even live training.

We could easily sell this plugin plus exclusive bonus package for $497 (easily) with just one client would pay (easy) it would be for itself.

At $297 it would still be a steal. Because we want to see you be successful, we’ve decided to make this available for a limited time at a FRACTION of what it will sell for later.

Get Instant Access to the WP Review Machine Unlimited Site License for just…

Limited Time Only

See you on the inside!

Neil Macpherson

Robert Dickson


How Many Sites Can I use WP Review Machine on?

You can use WP Review Machine on as many sites as you like! There is no restrictions on sites as your purchase comes with an UNLIMITED Site License. You can also WP Review Machine on as many clients sites as you want and even charge those clients for Rep Management services using the plugin. The only thing you can not do is sell the plugin itself to anybody else.

Can I get support if Needed?

Absolutely! We have a top notch support team to make sure you are taken care of as fast as possible. Robert and I regularly handle customer emails as well as give personal advice in our mastermind group. With us you can be sure you are not out there on your own, we are here to help make sure you are successful with our training.
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